Friday, August 24, 2007

Wait, Summer again?

After a solid week of sub-80 temps, today we spiked back up into the 80s, where we'll sit for the weekend.

Personally, I'm ready for fall. Autumn is without a doubt my favorite time of year. It starts with my birthday, drifts into football season, and brings with it fresh apples, sweatshirts, cool breezes and the smell of fallen leaves. And even when it turns into winter, I stay happy -- cold slate-gray November skies just mean Thanksgiving is around the corner, the Christmas season after that, and then New Years and the Superbowl.

Let's not talk about February through April.

Anyway, today was warmer than I wanted it to be, so my almost-repeat of last week's 4.5 mile run was cut a bit short. I cut out the 3/4 of a mile with the big hill, and did a good 3.75 instead. It felt great, but I'm glad to be home and cooling down.


Tea said...

I just posted in my blog that Fall is my favorite time of year too.
My birthday (Oct) usually occurs with our first snow of the year.

And football...please....I bleed Orange and Blue. GO BRONCOS!!!

(I'm glad your changed your perspective on the "tea time". You have plenty of willpower! GO GET'UM! Let's finish up this month in style!)

Jank said...

Let's talk about February and march: They blow.

Although, there's usually that week in March that teases of spring, which makes the rest of the month all that much more bitter.