Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feeling strong, feeling weak

This morning I did some walking and upper-body work. I did 30 pushups and 60 situps, along with a 30-minute walk. That's my third "weight" workout this week, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I feel stronger and fitter, knowing I'm doing things I couldn't do a couple months ago. I can see changes in my body makeup, even though my weight loss has slowed considerably this month.

But I'm feeling spent. The heat, the little cold I just fought off, the exercising every day, I feel like it's adding up. I wake up every morning just a little sore. My legs aren't recovering as fast as I want them too. I need more sleep, and I need a couple days off. I already think I will walk instead of running tomorrow, as my legs are a bit sore from chasing little kids around today (our nephew's 9th birthday party, including wiffle ball in the humid upper 90s).

Anyway, I'm going to finish the month out, and then Saturday, the first day after August, I'll be spending 12-14 hours babysitting for a toddler and an infant (with my wife, mind you). After that, I think I'll just rot on Sunday, and let the exercise pick back up on Monday (on Labor Day, how fitting).

How odd is it that I'm planning a two-day break from exercise like it's some kind of vacation? This crazy experiment really has changed my outlook.

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Jank said...

Yeah, I'm realizing that the rest is wicked important, too.

Congrats - hope Saturday's well deserved.