Friday, February 11, 2011

Slow but progressing

It's been nearly a month since my first post of 2011.  The treadmill is set up (again), but I have yet to do my first run of 2011. Most of my exercise this year has come from clearing snow -- something about that kind of "real work" makes me not want to stand and run in place.  We'll get there.

Where the progress is being made is in food choices.  Both my wife and I are taking this seriously and making an effort, using the same methods.  We've had success in the past, each with different approaches, but sharing our approach has made it much easier to shop and plan meals.

I'm down ten pounds this year so far.  I'm missing my junk food, but not missing those ten pounds.  I am looking forward to having a smaller frame when it's time to put on the lighter layers of clothes this Spring. 

Whenever that comes.  Right now it feels forever away....