Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday's workout was pretty light -- confined it to walking, as my foot cramped up after just five minutes of warmup and I had to stop and stretch it.

I went to bed last night, and set the alarm for 5:30 so I could get a run in before work and my long Monday. I woke up refreshed and happy, and squinted across the room at the clock.


So, yeah, setting the alarm and actually turning the damn thing on are two different things. Quite a scramble to get both of us ready and out the door before 7 AM.

So, now I have to work out after my long day ... or sneak in a walk (in my work clothes and shoes) after lunch and call it good enough.

On the other hand, my body sure appreciated that extra hour of sleep :).


Tea said...

sleep is sooper de dooper important. as long as you do something/anything later in the day, you're good.

Dave said...

Got a great run in after dinner. My body is thanking me for the rest, too. Guess it knew better than I did :).