Friday, August 03, 2007

The virtual world is abuzz

When I'm not trying to get in shape, I'm doing my best to get fatter by sitting on my behind and playing World of Warcraft. Today everyone's talking about the long-rumored second expansion to the game, which was finally officially announced. Those of you who even know what I'm talking about have already read everything about it.

One thing I keep hearing is that people are distressed that all their hard work is going to be thrown away, when the game "resets" everyone for the climb to level 80. This happened when the first expansion came out, and a lot of people quit.

Here's what I tell them:

I made a decision before I bought WoW, based on my experience with other games.

When I wasn't having fun, I wouldn't play. I wouldn't play in hopes of having fun later, I'd always aim to be having fun at the time.

If that meant progression, fine. If it meant playing 5 alts in rotation, fine. If it meant PvP, fine.

With that kind of attitude, there's no angst over a new expansion coming along and "ruining" what you've accomplished. You were having fun the whole time, so you got your money's worth.
If only real life was always that simple.

Speaking of real life, three miles run today. Progress!


Tea said...

Nice work on the 3 miles!

Do you run the entire 3 miles or do you run/walk?

Dave said...

My standard treadmill run is a 5-minute warmup walk, 5-minute cooldown walk, and 30 minutes running. The whole thing is just over 3 miles, which if you do the math shows that I'm not that speedy (but faster than the guy sitting on the couch still!).