Friday, August 17, 2007

A day off ... not really

So, yesterday I was feeling beat for some reason. I came home from work and just wanted to take a nap. My wife, who is struggling just as I am to overcome bad habits and replace them with good ones, wanted to get out of the house and get dinner out.

I knew if I went out to eat right then, I'd be in some serious trouble come workout time. I was planning to log into World of Warcraft at 8 in case I was needed in a raid (for you non-geeks out there, pretend I'm saying "I was going to a friend's house, in case a seat opened up at his card game." It doesn't quite mean the same thing, but that's the idea), and I can't really work out immediately after eating.

So I asked my wife to give me 45 minutes. I got changed, grumbling the whole time, and disappeared into the basement.

They weren't the best minutes of exercise I've had this month, but I got them in (walking, to give my joints a little of the "babying" Tea reminded me about yesterday). I came back up, cleaned up, and joined her for dinner at our favorite small-town haunt.

I ate a hamburger and some onion rings, but resisted the siren's call of the place's awesome selection of microbrews. A small victory, really.

But, hey, not long ago I would have skipped the walk, ordered an appetizer, and enjoyed a couple beers as well. So you take what you can get, you know?

I'll be better today, I promise :).

(I have to -- tomorrow is another BBQ!)

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