Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More concrete fitness goals

Inspired by Jank's post on goals (in which he referenced my post on goals, go figure), I put some thought into more aggressively focusing on specific fitness goals for the next year.

Here's an idea I'm kicking around.

What if:

- Over the winter, I work on slowly increasing my base mileage, speed, and strength
- In early spring, I harshly evaluate my fitness with the aim of ...
- Starting a 6-month training schedule for a half-marathon in fall of 2008?

I've never run more than a 10K. The 10K I ran, I ran too hard, and didn't recover well from the resulting vague injuries I suffered.

But in spring of '08 I'll have a good year of running on my legs (this time around), and should be in a good position to determine if I'm okay to push it to the next level or not.

I haven't committed to this idea yet. But it has a certain attraction.

The long term payoff for this plan, of course, would be to run a marathon before I turn 40. But that's crazy talk and I'm going to shut up about it now. The half is a crazy idea, never mind the big one....


Tea said...


You can definitely do it, but you have to believe you can.

Remember, the human body can do anything you ask it to; it's the mind that gives out first.

Jank said...

Dave - that's an imminently sensible plan. One of my regrets is tackling the big M too soon (about a year) after really starting running again. Not so much for physical trouble, but 'cause it's mentally draining.

A half is a great distance, and the stretch from 13 to 26 isn't nearly so tough as the stretch from potato to runner.