Friday, August 31, 2007

Thirty-One Days

On August 1, I posted my crazy exercise idea for the month. Do something active every single day, for 31 days.

Today, I had to decide between running (what I wanted to do) and mowing the lawn (what would make my weekend better). I went with the lawn. 90 minutes of pushing, pulling, shoving, and purposeful walking later, my Augustathon was complete.

A rough breakdown of days:
  • 4 Lawn-Mowing
  • 8 walks
  • 12 Runs
  • 7 Bodyweight (all included walks as well)
I sort-of expected more runs, but that works out to roughly 3 a week. Considering I was going on zero substantial rest, I think that's a fair amount.

I ran both faster and further than I have in 2 years. I brought my bodyweight routine to 30 pushups and 60 situps, and I'm not sure who was more surprised by that - myself, or my wife. I pushed myself, but avoided injury. I learned a lot about what I'm made of, and why I shouldn't settle for less than something great out of myself.

Thanks to the folks who kept an eye on me, both here and in meatspace. Jess, you thought I was nuts, but in the end you were nothing but encouraging and helpful. Jank and Tea, your words of encouragement and frequent blog visits meant a lot to me. I look forward to staying in touch with both of you.

I'll post soon about what my fitness goals are for September. For now, I'm taking a day or two off!


Tea said...

Enjoy the weekend and your days off!

On Tuesday, I want to hear ALL about your nxt goal. :)

Romeodown said...

Impressive, Dave. Very, very cool. Thumbs up!


Dave said...

Thanks Jim -- nice to hear from you!