Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend Update

Ok, here's my first shot at posting a real honest-to-goodness blog entry. Let the boredom commence.

Obviously, my first question is who my audience is. Let's be honest, nobody is reading this but me and spam-bots, but it is searchable and someone might accidentally stumble onto it. So, hi there. Plus, I might point friends at it (hi Clint). So far, that's fine. But then you get that hairy situation where I bitch about my family and then my family finds my blog someday and I am forced to fall upon my sword to restore honor to my clan or something.

Yeah. So anyway.

The weekend was not bad, as weekends go. I mean, I spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft on Saturday. I watched (parts of) four football games, and two hours each of Alias and 24. I had brunch with good generous friends and ate too much food.

On the "not so cool" side of things, insert miscellaneous stories about the challenges of playing caretaker for a depressed mother who is needier than expected. Is that vague enough to avoid the necessary sword-falling-on? Only time will tell! I also got zero exercise. My hiking boots are staring at me and trying to make me feel guilty. It's working, especially since I know I hate walking in the woods in the summer (bugs!) so I should do it now.

Anyway, I think it balanced out okay, all things considered.

Random ramblings?
  • Nice to see Northborough in the news.
  • Our WoW guild has over 500 characters in it, which starts to expose problems in the guild management UI. We're being asked to de-guild alternate characters we don't play, as we only have 150-200 actual individuals playing those characters. I have 3 characters and play them all. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, I guess I'm doing ok.
  • 24 is hot shit (look, a swear-word! Let the sword-falling commence!).
  • My gym bag is packed and I'm going to go work out later this morning. It'll be my first real workout in like ten days. Fortunately I don't appear to be in too much trouble from those ten days; only up a pound from my New Year's Eve weight (every ounce well worth it, mmmm breakfast).
  • My brother-in-law and his wife want me to run a St. Patrick's 10K with them in March. I am understandably nervous about this but it certainly would be cool.
  • I'll probably putz around with the various templates to make this blog prettier. I might add links, too. The insanity!

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