Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fitness Foolishness

Ok, enough geekiness. Back to running! While I keep finding reasons to eat badly, my exercise is managing to keep up (barely!).

Some kindhearted folks over at the Cool Running Forums convinced me that while I may need to build aerobic capacity and base mileage, I need to occasionally mix it up with a little speed. Just once or twice a week. I'm going to take their advice, if for no other reason than that it keeps me more interested.

My current 10K training schedule has two short runs a week, one medium run, and one long. The long and medium I will run at my recovery pace (70% reserve heart rate) and my two shorts I will run faster. How much faster? I'm not sure. Today I just set a pace and didn't worry about my HR. It ended up between 85-90% of reserve HR, which is probably a touch too high. Aiming for 80-85 is probably smarter.

In other news, 24 is still good (great), SG-1 chose what I felt was a mediocre episode to come back from their break (though SG:Atlantis was badass), and while Amazing Race is finishing up, Survivor is coming back. My TiVo gets no rest.

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