Tuesday, January 18, 2005

More Running?

I know I said this blog wasn't about running, but I seem to end up posting about it a lot. I even specifically said I needed some geek credibility after my last post, and here I am talking about running again. Sorry.

This morning I decided to do a little experimentation on my HRM training. First off, I skipped my morning coffee (rather, I delayed it until after my run). Second, I allowed myself about 3-4 bpm of wiggle room from my computed recovery ceiling. If my HR spiked within that zone, I watched it ... as long as it fell within 10-15 seconds, I didn't stop to walk. If I stayed at +3 or higher for longer than that, I did a walk break.

The results were spectacular. I maintained an average pace of 15:00 instead of 15:30 like my last couple workouts. My HR didn't go above 150 until after an entire mile of running, and even then it would hover at 152-154 for a few seconds and then drop back down to 148-150. It wasn't until well into my second mile that I started needing to take walk breaks, and the walk breaks were measurable in the dozen-seconds zone. Overall I probably only took 4 walk breaks instead of the ten or so I took the last few workouts, with considerably less disruption on my average pace.

So, yeah, the coffee will have to wait until post-workout, I guess.

After I finished my run I decided to try and test my HRMax by doing hill intervals on the treadmill. I did 3 intervals at 12:00 pace on a 10% incline. I know that may not sound that intense but I was near the limit of my capabilities there. My HR got up to 192 on the third interval and I called that close enough. My body feels like it's still recovering.

10K Training Progress: 2 workouts down, 33 to go. 5.5 miles down, 117 to go!

Maybe I'll write a post about World of Warcraft or something soon. Gotta get all this jock out of my system.

(PS 24 still awesome)
(PPS Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica all have new episodes this Friday. Is that geeky enough?)

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