Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday Bloody Monday (no actual blood)

Playoff football ... it makes January the true "most wonderful time of the year." Gotta love it.

My weekend was pretty relaxed and not very productive, but that's the way it goes. I did manage to get Clint hooked on World of Warcraft, and watched (parts of) all four NFL games. I sat my mother down in front of the TV with the 24 Season One DVDs and she's now passed where I've seen. Oh well; I can catch up. New episode tonight, too. W00t.

In other news:
  • The HRM training regimen is still busting my balls. Reports from the front indicate that some folks find the first "couple hundred miles" difficult as they adjust. I have a 9-week training schedule I'm going to stick to. If I still hate it then, I'm chucking it, even if that's only 130 miles.
  • Someone online suggested that I not worry about my recovery ceiling of 151 bpm, but instead run as slow as I can without breaking up my form. This will result in slower aerobic gains but will not be as frustrating. I may try that in a week or two if I'm still having problems.
  • I will probably try to get a solid max HR reading tomorrow. Do 2 miles slow, then start to speed up. As I get to 3, do the hill interval thing to try and measure my max HR.
  • A running store opened up in Westboro. May have to go there and get fitted for new shoes soon, if I want to have new shoes for the 10K in March.
Wow, how many running-related bullets is that? I need to do something to show some geek credibility after that. Maybe tomorrow....

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