Thursday, January 27, 2005

Brief Movie Review: The Butterfly Effect

I've had a lot of success lately with enjoying movies by setting low expectations. This was no different. For whatever reason, I had knocked this movie down a few notches in my mind as a cookie-cutter thriller, maybe a sort of weird knockoff of Final Destination.

Hmm, yeah, not at all.

This movie was fairly smart, dark, almost edgy in a few spots. Overall I'd recommend it, warts and all. It wasn't perfect; the writing at times seemed intentionally dumbed down and the cliched behavior at times was a bit much. But through it all the movie was imaginative and engaging, and really what more do you want?

On a binary scale, this receives a "yes." On a broader scale, it would tend towards the low end of above average. Enjoyable but probably not worth putting aside something you know you'll love.

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