Thursday, January 13, 2005

Watch out, it's Thursday

Boring story time! This could be my least-interesting blog entry yet!

In Middle School, I had a friend named Dave. Dave, like myself, was a bit too smart and a bit too geeky for his own good. Part of the problem was that Dave suffered from a few ailments, including one which was scheduled to kill him before he turned 25. This will impact your outlook on life, I'm sure. Add to the mix a fairly unstable family with a father he never talked about, a stepfather he didn't like, and an overprotective mother, and you see some of the picture.

For a while, Dave and I were pretty inseparable. At one point, one of us was describing the other to someone, and said, "Yeah, he's usually a nice guy, but don't mess with him on Thursdays." This was, I swear, completely random. It was like an early-teen attempt at bizarre humor, but whichever of us did it, our delivery was completely off. Nobody realized it was a joke.

This thing took on a life of its own. Maybe the incident is taking on a larger importance in my mind than it really had, but honestly I have distinct memories of people mentioning Thursdays for a good chunk of one year of my schooling, for absolutely no reason at all. I'm talking teachers, students, family members ... whatever. It was really odd.

So, yeah, it's Thursday. Thursday the 13th. Ph34r.

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