Friday, July 29, 2005


Is it too soon to start talking football? Probably. I have done ZERO research into next season's fantasy football potential. I know next to nothing about off-season moves, etc.

But this morning on the radio they announced Ted (Big) Johnson's retirement.
And we already know Ted Bruschi is taking a season off.

It could be a tough year for the Pats' defense, folks. But goddamn if we haven't had a good run. I hope they can keep it up.

I admire Belichick's class:
Although his retirement is unexpected, we thoroughly respect his decision and support him as he moves on. Ted's signature was a work ethic and toughness that were second to none. He retires a champion.
Reading further into the article, I see that we're in a contract dispute with Richard Seymour, who more than once we heard referred to as the best player (period) on the Pats team last year. I imagine this is just a little more ammo in his arsenal....

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