Monday, August 01, 2005

Blackstone River Hiking

Saturday, Jessica and I had some free time due to a canceled BBQ. Instead of doing what I suggested ("play video games and watch TV while you study, dear") we did what she suggested. We dug out the Nature Walks book she got me for Christmas last year, picked a place, and went for a hike.

We ended up on Lookout Rock Trail in Uxbridge. I'd have pictures but the camera batteries died after just one shot -- so that's what you get. The picture was taken early in the hike near the flat wetlands area.

The hike wound through a very brief meadow area and then quickly into the forest, up a hill and to an incredible view from a rock which rumor has it was used by Native Americans as a lookout point (this has been said about almost every prominent rock ledge in New England, I guess). I wish I had a shot from that rock, the view of the river, the valley, and the distant road was great. It was interesting to hike a couple miles and be able to look down at the road where you knew you were parked and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with saying "that's how far we walked!?"

Anyway, I don't have any deep thoughts to offer on the subject, but I figured I'd at least share the moment.

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