Monday, July 11, 2005

Eager Feet keep moving

Well, these eager feet got back on the pavement yesterday, in the humid upper-80s sun. Let me tell you, after about a month off from running, this was an interesting way to remind my body what it "enjoys." The pain was relatively short-lived, afterwards, however.

In any case, "they" say that you generally will be sub-par for twice the period of your layoff so assuming I actually try and work this back into my schedule, I can expect it to take a couple months before I feel like my old self again. Well, my old "new" self.

In other eager feet news, these eager feet are headed for Las Vegas next month. A bunch of Amazon Basiners (not to be confused with, say, people killing monkeys with blowdarts in Brazil) are meeting up in Vegas for ABCon V. I was so focused on San Francisco that I haven't really started to get psyched up for Vegas yet. So, to remedy that, I'll try and focus my mental energies over the next few days on the sounds of slot machines, the sight of omnipresent neon, the taste of cheap booze, and the smell of cigarette smoke. Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Seriously, though, people are starting to get nutso about it on our forums, so that's cool. How will we meet, what will we do during off times, who wants to gamble vs. who wants to play Gamecube, who wants to hike, who wants to drink, etc. My wife has informed me that as long as I'm not leading a bunch of "internet nerds" over to the Bunny Ranch for a party I'm okay to go without her. Fine, be that way ;).

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