Friday, July 15, 2005

MLP: Environment

I meant to link these but forgot about it in my rush to post about my geeky adrenalin rush. Yesterday I read some interesting articles and discussions about "Peak Oil." Links:

K5 Story (Part 1)
Wikipedia (linked from K5)
Economist POV

I find the entire subject pretty fascinating from an academic standpoint. It's an interesting time we live in.

On a related note, I recently watched Penn & Teller's Bullshit! as they talked about the environmental movement (the episode was from season 1). They weren't arguing that environmentalism is bullshit, but more that the movement was being hijacked by political activists who were using the mental capital of environmental concern to support a whole variety of anti-corporate, anti-globalism causes. They also talked about how much of the movement uses sensationalism instead of science, and so forth. Nothing really new but still useful to see. The moral of the story was to do your research before you give your money, and spend your energy in the rigth places for the right causes. Solid advice.

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