Monday, October 15, 2007

Six Miles

Prime distance running weather is upon us here in New England, and I took advantage this weekend. I laced up and did a newly extended route which turned out to be just over six miles in length.

This isn't quite a personal distance PR, as I ran a few 6-mile training runs and ran a 10K race in April of 2005. But I didn't run that distance again after the race, so we're looking easily at the longest distance I've run in two and a half years.

Four miles in, I felt indestructible. I said to myself, of course you can run a half-marathon next year -- look at this, you're going to do half that today (well, almost-half, you see).

Five miles in, my legs were tired and I had a mild side stitch. I said, hmm, maybe I should focus on running a six-mile run weekly first.

At completion, I was truly exhausted, but thrilled, and have reminded myself of the tremendous respect I have for true distance runners.

The rest of the day, soreness in my knees, which were still fairly uncomfortable this morning. Not sure how I feel about that....

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Tea said...

YEA! How exciting!

You are making such great progress. I know it can be painful, but it's so rewarding when you go further or faster than you have in a long time.

Stick with it and next year at this time and you might be heading toward a 2nd or 3rd marathon.