Friday, October 19, 2007

Having fun at work

So, a co-worker and I were grabbing coffee out of our free coffee machine, and saw that a dollar was folded up and left on the counter near the machine. Each of us assumed the other had dropped it, but we quickly realized it belonged to neither of us.

We immediately began discussing the ethical dilemma of "found money."

But, hey, why not have fun with the situation? I added a dime. Whoever left that dollar, if they come back, will find it has grown 10%. Will they leave it there in hopes it grows further? Will people begin to think there's a need to leave money to pay for their coffee?

Either way, the laughs we got more than paid for the ten-cent investment I just made (but will it pay for the opportunity cost of not taking the dollar? Hmm....).


Dave said...

One hour update.

Dollar is neatly stacked with dime atop it now, against the wall. It has obviously been picked up and replaced.

It has survived one hour of people making coffee, and at least one pass by the cleaning crew.

I suspect my dime is a large part of this, but have no control data to back this up with.

This is more amusing than it should be.

Dave said...

Three hours in, the money was still there. Someone had added two pennies to the stack.

Four hours in, the dollar and dime were gone. The two pennies remained.

I'm not sure what I learned here, but it was well worth a dime :).

Tea said...


It's really funny that the pennies were left behind. Are they supposed to "repopulate" or something?