Sunday, October 07, 2007

5K PR (not as impressive as it sounds)

So I skipped my long run today, and decided to strap a number to my chest and run a shorter one. I entered my first 5K (my only previous race was a 10K) in nearby Sturbridge.

It was a small race -- 92 5K finishers. I placed, well, 82nd. Given the size of the field, I was prepared to place DFL. So, it could have been worse.

It was awesome, though, to race. Just to be in the crowd of runners, see people of all ages getting psyched up to compete and have fun, was worth it.

I have plenty of room to increase my fitness, but overall I am happy with the results. Even on the hills, I stayed running, and my overall pace was just a few seconds over 11:00, which is the pace I do my 3 mile treadmill workouts at. Considering the uneven terrain, I feel good about keeping that pace in the race.

For some inspiration, check out these relatively local 10K competitors:

Yup, Team Hoyt showed up and did the 10K version of the race. Ran pretty fast, too :). Maybe it was the energy drink they were giving away (hmm, probably not).

I didn't register early enough to get a race T-shirt, so I bought a Team Hoyt one. I look forward to wearing it on a future run.


Tea said...

That is SO COOL to see team hoyt!

And your PR was absolutely amazing! To keep your Treadmill pace for a rock!

Jank said...

Congrats, dave - journey of a thousand miles starts with a PR, I guess...