Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well rested and well, heavier, I'm sure

Jess and I spent the weekend in Newport RI, and we picked a stellar weekend for it! Sunny, warm but not hot, the leaves are just starting to change, the place was lively but not overbearingly crowded ... all in all, a wonderful getaway. I'd show pictures but we didn't take that many (like ... 4. I'll see how they came out).

Anyway, I ate too much, but didn't go full on insane. Still, I'm sure when I get on the scale tomorrow it'll tell me that I'm stupid and fat and lazy (oh, wait, that's what I'll read into it -- it just tells me a number).

However, we did throw on our running clothes and head out for a wonderful 3-mile run before breakfast today. The Cliff Walk was a beautiful place to run, though a little unforgiving as far as shade went. I had no problem with it, but Jess is a little spoiled by running all her runs on the treadmill with multiple fans hitting her. She's not used to having any sweat :).

I considered doing another mile after we finished our route, but decided to just stay with her and enjoy the morning together instead of splitting up after a nice time together. Not bad.

In unrelated news, apparently the Vanderbilts were pretty insanely rich.


Tea said...

Ok, when I first read that I read it as "multiple fans spitting on her."

I was thinking "wow that's a tough neighborhood."

Dave said...

With fans like that, who needs enemies?