Thursday, September 20, 2007

Run, fat boy, run

No, not me -- the title is a movie coming out starring Simon Pegg (who you might recognize as Shaun in Shaun of the Dead). Check out the trailer for some running-related humor, including the title line spoken by a fit-looking Hank Azaria (whose recently-canned TV show, Huff, I still miss).

I did run, of course, after work today. I'm enjoying my new "regular" treadmill pace of 11 minute miles. 10 is still too fast, but 12 feels too slow now. Baby steps, I know.

In other entertainment news, my not-so-secret addiction to Survivor was fed this evening as I watched the first episode of their latest season. I can't get enough of this stupid show, and have been hooked through season one, through all its ups and downs. This week didn't disappoint, with all the usual trappings of a first season episode. I love the folks who say it's so much harder than they expected. It's not like this show is hard to find on TV. Just watch a couple episodes....

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