Sunday, September 09, 2007

Long Run Sunday

We had a little last hurrah for summer heat this weekend (at least, I hope it was the last hurrah), but the heat broke overnight and today it was in the low 70s. It was stupidly humid, but it was still decent running weather. I went for my long run today, and felt incredible the whole time.

Sometimes, a run feels like a chore. You're putting one foot in front of the other, you're tired, you're hot, you're sweating, you're hungry, you're thirsty, you've got a little pain in your foot, you're distracted by worrying about work, you're wondering what's for supper, you're micromanaging your distance and pace, you're annoyed at how your shoes fit, you're sick of the song on the iPod, etc.

Other days, it's like it was today (let's not lie, the first mile was a little bit difficult, but it always is tough to start a cold engine). You feel strong, you feel light, you feel fast. You hit hills with determination instead of dread. You look up at the world as it comes, instead of down at your feet. Your eyes are wide open. You view distance and discomfort as challenges and rise to them.

4.8 miles, today. I took the 4.5 mile run I've done the past couple weeks and added a small extra loop onto it. It gives me a short hill in the last half mile, and it feels great to come down off that hill and know the finish is so close. I think it'll be my new default long route ... until I add more.

Like I said. I felt indestructible today. The way I felt today is why I run.

I'll try and remember that when my knees are crying first thing in the morning tomorrow :).

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Tea said...

What a great run! Congrats on adding a little more and tackling the hill!