Monday, December 17, 2007

A Major Announcement

So, 3 weeks ago I said I had more details on the other reasons things are hectic for me right now. And then I never updated.

Sorry about that. It's been, well, like I said, crazy.

And part of the reason is that by midyear 2008, my wife and I hope to be a family of three, not just two. That's right -- we're expecting. Due date: June 18.

As a teen, I was certain that I wouldn't want to have children. I was the angry rebel, looking down my nose at breeders filling the world with more kids to use up our scant resources.

Things have changed a bit over the intervening years. And now I keep looking ahead to the future, to being able to create a new life out of the building blocks of my own and Jess's, and shaping a mind into someone who can hopefully make the world better.

The changing diapers part, well, not so excited about that.


Romeodown said...

Congratulations to both of you! Yay!


Dave said...

Thanks Jim! Always nice to hear from you :).