Sunday, November 25, 2007


So, things have been a bit hectic this month. At work, we're in serious crunch mode. At home, we hosted Thanksgiving and have been busy getting things ready for a basement renovation (reworking the laundry room into a half bath). We've done some holiday decorating and shopping, as well. And in the process of all that, I haven't run in a couple weeks, and my diet has been mediocre to downright bad depending on the day. I wasn't able to make the race I thought I might make this month, and now can't make the one for next month either. Things are a bit mad, and time is flying by.

The next two months are going to fly by, too. In the coming weeks we have:
  • a friend's big holiday party
  • Christmas tree locate/place/decorate
  • New bathroom installed in basement
  • Heat installed in basement, including replacing old furnace/etc.
  • family birthday party
  • one work Christmas party (shared)
  • three other work Christmas parties (not shared)
  • Christmas shopping
  • hosting family Christmas Eve (on 22nd)
  • Christmas itself
  • Q4 ends (has work implications)
  • New Years
  • Week-long trip to Florida
  • NFL playoffs on TV
  • Superbowl
I list those last two because they are social time consumers, not because I am actually playing. Duh ;).

There's other stuff too, which I will write about in a week or so. Excitement!

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Tea said...

Sometimes it's hard enough just staying "sane" during the last months of the year. Stay positve and focused. Take it one day at a wait...take it one decision at at time.