Monday, December 31, 2007

Farewell to 2007

What happened this year? "Not much," tends to be what you say in casual conversation. But the truth is always more complicated. Here are the things I wrote about in my blog this year:

In March, I started running again after a long break.
In April, we hosted family Easter and weren't sure we wanted to have kids.
In June, I fell in love with running outside all over again.
In July, I shaved off my beard and immediately regretted it.
In August, I exercised every day and turned 34.
In September, I hit a major weight goal and went on vacation to Newport. Somewhere in there, my wife and I had a magic moment (ahem) and a tiny baby started growing inside her. Looking back at April, we obviously changed our minds.
In October, I ran a 5K.
In November, I went on vacation to ice-cold Vermont and didn't run.
In December, I told the world I was going to be a Dad, and hosted Christmas.

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