Thursday, September 24, 2009

Restless Feet

I was driving home a bit late yesterday after taking my mother on some errands, and my mind was wandering in a few different directions. I came to a realization about my mental state over the past few weeks: I'm getting restless.

Not in an "I need to exercise" way, but in an "I need to explore" way.

But Dave, you've done plenty of traveling this year, you say.

True enough. But there's something missing -- a desire to plan, to explore, to pick someplace new and figure out what I want to see there, and go there.

(Camping with the baby doesn't count. It was technically new, but trust me.)

Restless. At least I have a label for it now. Maybe I'll try and figure out something interesting to do this next year for our anniversary. Maybe I'll look into where else to go when visiting my grandparents instead of sticking to what we know and love. Or maybe I'll just try and plot out a fun day trip for autumn leaf-peeping....

All if it has to be more productive than reading random blogs and journals... though perhaps less interesting ;).

(Either that or I'll just start researching a new gadget to buy ... maybe a running GPS/pedometer/something-or-other...)

Fitness update: Within five pounds of the magic 200 mark, which has always been some kind of mental dividing line between "fit" and "fat". Well maybe not "fit" but somewhere in between I guess. My next workout (hopefully tonight) will wrap up week 5 of the C25K program (it's a 20-minute run). After that there's a week of endurance-building and then the final 3 weeks, which are all continuous runs of 25, 28, and then 30 minutes.

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