Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leave your cynicism at the door

(this is an edited version of an email I sent a friend yesterday)

Halloween is over, and we're on an accelerated course towards Thanksgiving this year.

I am ready.

I know I'm more of a holiday sucker than the average (and I pale in comparison with my lovely wife Jess) but this year, for whatever reason, I'm already feeling the love.

We're hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner again, for Jess's parents/brother/kids. We're hosting Christmas again, or rather Jess's mother is hosting it at our house, so hopefully we just provide the location and clean up afterwards :). Last year, it was awesome. I know that I didn't personally construct a meaningful holiday for everyone who attended. But I know they all had a great time, and have happy holiday memories, of time spent in my home. It's a tiny thing, really, but it's this silly little source of pride and happiness and I'm very excited to know I'm doing it again this year.

Anyway. I'm ready. I'm ready for cold weather, gloomy cloudy November skies, fires in the fireplace, and turkey in the oven. I'm ready for Christmas planning, for tiny white lights, for old
sentimental Christmas favorites flitting through the air.

I'm ready for all of it. Bring it on.

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Tea said...

Sorry I've fallen behind! I love the change of seasons and all that.!