Saturday, March 06, 2010

Goals - Week 2

So, the first week of my experiment had these goals.  I've added my comments and "grade" for each.

Salad for lunch, MWF.  1/3.
I ate salad on Monday, a vegetarian soup on Wednesday, and went out for Thai food on Friday.

Fruit snack every workday afternoon.  4/5.
I forgot my fruit one day, but otherwise had no problem with this one.

 No beer Sunday - Thursday.  5/5!
Success!  This is about Calories not alcohol, as I'm not trying to alter my drinking habits for any other reason. 

Three walks.  0/3
That's right, a big fat zero.  I've been overbooked at work and busy at home, with some home repairs and a toddler teething and ... well, these are all lousy excuses.

Total: 10/16 (62.5%)

Plenty of room to improve.  Plus I ate too much fried food and too many sweets. 

So, my goals for next week?  Let's change it a little bit...  Fine tune the goals and add a different area of focus.

  • Salad for lunch, 2 days of 3 (MWF).
  • Fruit snack every workday afternoon, and no vending machine cookies.
  • No beer Sunday - Thursday.
  • 2 walks
  • Only permitted 2 deep-fried foods.

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