Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Q4 Goals - Fitness Edition

At work we're supposed to be writing down what our goals are for the final quarter of 2009.

I figured I'd do the same here for my personal goals. On a fitness front:

  • Drop below 200 and remain consistently below 200 through end of Q4.
  • Incorporate higher percentage of healthy fats

  • Run every week in Q4.
  • Complete C25K in October.
  • Increase distance/time in both November and December
  • Run the Hot Chocolate 5K in December with Jess

My goal is not necessarily to make drastic changes in Q4, but rather to drop another 5 pounds or so by Thanksgiving, maintain that loss through the holidays, while increasing my endurance.

These are achievable goals. I expect to succeed.

Later I'll share my fuzzy 2010 goals, which include some more grandiose ideas.

Progress update: Sunday morning I ran the first workout of week eight of the nine week C25K. I ran it outdoors, and with every outdoor run I remember more and more why I fell in love with running. Five workouts to go before I can say I'm "done" but I feel it's just a formality at this point. Saturday morning the scale gave me a sub-200 number for the first time in ages, but it only lasted 24 hours. I'll be back down there soon enough. So everything I need for Q4 is coming together.

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