Thursday, October 15, 2009

2010 and beyond

A couple posts ago I said I wanted to outline some goals for next year, so here are some fuzzy and ambitious thoughts.

  • I would like to train for and complete a 10K in 2010, and do it in a way that lets me continue to run afterward. That means running smarter than last time.
  • I will experiment with a heart rate monitor for training purposes.
  • I want to build my mileage so my weekly long run is over 5 miles.
  • I plan to fix up my bike or get a new one, and experiment with adding cycling to my fitness routines.
  • I will adopt some sort of strength training.
  • I will find and maintain a healthy weight.
  • I plan to select a half-marathon training program and begin seriously pursuing it before the end of 2010.
  • I plan to always be in training, because I know it helps keep me focused.

If all goes well, I would like to run a half-marathon in 2011 and a marathon in 2012.

Super-secret goal is to run the 10K in the spring and do the half in fall of 2010, but that requires extensive bodily cooperation. We shall see.

Fitness update: completed week 8 of C25K. One week left. Ran into people at a work event who hadn't seen me in a few months, and they said I looked good. Didn't have any dress shirts that fit right, which made me both frustrated and happy.

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