Thursday, January 03, 2008

Work is tiring

While I was working with my father-in-law on some home improvement efforts, I realized just how exhausting it would be to do his job full-time. Climbing ladders, hanging siding, hammering, sawing, lifting, climbing, bending over to pick things up, getting your hands all calloused and cut up, etc. I was (and am) so thankful that my job is easier.

And yet today, as I work on my seventh performance review (I have 9 to write), I realize that difficult and exhausting come in all flavors. So, yes, I may not be tired like my father-in-law is at the end of the day, but I'm tired in my own special way :).

Got my second run of the year in today, oddly a more difficult run than my first one, which was breaking over a month of time away from it. Still, got it done. It's nice to have a job that leaves me "tired" in a way that I can still run, I guess!

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