Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two Weeks To Closing

Our apartment is beginning to look like it's packed. There's still plenty to do in the next two weeks (mainly the bedroom and kitchen), but it has that "empty" look to it. Very minimalist; I've told Jess I'd like to keep this look as we go forward :).

As far as the new house goes, we're a little lost as to our moving options. We have to make some decisions, and fast -- as in, today/tomorrow. Our friends are likely going to need to stay in the house for a couple days after closing, which complicates matters. We can move in on closing day, but we'll be sharing the space with them for a couple days. That's fine; it's a minor annoyance at worst. But it's not ideal. So knowing that, what do we do when it comes to the move? Options:

  • Move all our stuff on closing day, live with them or in a hotel for a couple nights. Sub-options?
  1. Do it ourselves
  2. Hire movers for manual labor
  3. Rent a pod
  • Keep the truck longer than one day, move out closing day but don't move in until they are gone. Live in a hotel for a couple nights, store the truck at their place.
  • Ask our landlady to rent the place for one extra week, live there until they are gone, move then. She may refuse unless it's two weeks, which she might buy into.
No matter what, the move is going to cost us money. The "hire movers" option will add a few hundred bucks to the price, but will it be worth it? We don't move often, so part of me says "yes," especially if we're moving at a weird time and can't count on a large turnout of helpers....

We'll be deciding soon. Time is running out :).

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