Monday, November 28, 2005

2 Days To Close

Since the last post, I made the decision to try and have friends and family help us move. It seems to be working out okay, but the real test will be how we feel at the end of the day Saturday.

That's right, we're moving within the week. It's terrifying and exciting :).

Other things house-related in the last week:
  • We locked our interest rate
  • We opened a checking account at Wells Fargo (got us a reduced rate)
  • Our lenders had to inspect the house again due to the amount of rain we got recently
  • I called or contacted online various utility companies
  • We packed almost everything

And even though we're closing in like 36 hours, we don't have the amount we owe yet. Our lawyer said the closing would be at 1 PM but I've asked to move it up ... no answer yet.

Things left to do before we move?
  • Secure contract with oil delivery service
  • Get final amount owed for closing
  • Get cashier's check for that amount
  • Close!
  • Pack last-minute stuff
  • Move :)

After we move?
  • Change address everywhere (work, banks, etc)
  • Send out emails with changed address
  • Send out XMas cards with changed address
  • Make appointment with chimney inspector/cleaner
  • Register to vote in Brookfield

... and who knows what else.

I look most forward to waking up and making coffee, and drinking it while looking out at my very own back yard.

I can't wait.

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