Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Beginnings in Mid-April?

Got on the scale this morning and saw a number which I wasn't happy to see. I started this whole thing last July and weighed 231. I have been as low as 183 and told myself I wouldn't let myself top 190 again, even though I've hovered between 183 and 188.

Today I hit 190 again.

It just hammered the point home which someone so kindly pointed out to me last week -- you can always find a reason it's not a good time to focus on this stuff.

So I've decided to set some spring goals and work towards them.

My goal is to drop ten pounds by July 1. That will put me at a 50 pound loss in one year.

I will accomplish this goal by returning to Calorie counting (FitDay, here I come) and maintaining a healthy Calorie deficiency. I will increase my activity so that I am exercising 5-6 days a week, even if running is only 3-4 of those days. This is what I did last year, and what I've been lazy about since January.

I am posting this because by coming out and saying it, I'll push myself to actually do it.

11 weeks. A pound a week would beat my goal.

It starts today. I actually measured my cereal this morning, looked at the bowl and said, "Yep, portion control." Funny how you get comfortable and just assume you're still giving yourself one serving when in fact you're more than doubling it....

I'm heading to the gym for some elliptical and bike work, since I ran last night and need to "rest".

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