Thursday, August 20, 2009

Overweight and overeating

My scale decided to give me a birthday present today. It dropped me below the magical imaginary line that exists between "obese" and "overweight." I really hate to write that, because I always think "I have a gut" and the truth is "I am obese." It might be "just a gut" but it's a big enough gut to trip a magical imaginary number on a doctor's chart somewhere.

Well, was big enough.

Of course, I celebrated (my birthday, not my lack-of-obesity) by having a sensible eating and exercise day ... up until my dinner out, where I got an appetizer (horror of horrors), a full meal, and dessert. And a beer.

So today I ate enough food for two days, near as I can guess. It's hard to count the calories in a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant.

It's okay, though. I can't go through life eating salads and grilled chicken and veggies every night. There will be days when I splurge a little, and there will be birthdays and holidays where I splurge a bit more.

I still did my running workout (one week down!), I still ate my fruits and veggies and whole grains earlier in the day, I still felt healthy.


I've been recording my calories and exercise for 40 days now. I've been within or under my optimal weight loss amount for 36 of those days, and within maintenance levels for 38 of them. It's not quite time to call in the guys in the white coats yet.

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J said...

Dinners the worst. I do great until dinner. If I have a sit down dinner then all bets are off. It's not like I have dessert. It's the wine and the bigger servings and the variety. The other night I had a kiddie ice cream cone and a piece of toast with melted cheese on top and it was perfect. Got up and dropped 2 pounds. And I wasn't even hungry. Next day, had a big dinner and I was up 3 pounds. Poke my eyes out.