Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The next four years

I wrote a Facebook note the other day, about things I wanted to do by the time I was 40 (I'm 4 years and a couple months from there). It was inspired by some discussions I'd had at work with a friend who has just 10 months until 40, and his "undone" things.

My list has two important things on it.
  1. Run a marathon.
  2. Write some fiction.
2 is easy, depending on how you define it. The writing exercises I'm trying to get back into could qualify under some definitions.

1 is a stereotypical BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). I don't know that I'll ever be in shape to run a marathon. But the road there will teach me a lot about myself and get me into the shape I know I want to be in. My escape clause is running a Half. I ran a 10K, I'm relatively sure that given another 6-9 months of training I could have been ready to at least finish a Half, even if I embarassed myself in the process.

I've started the writing exercises again.

I have yet to make a firm and serious commitment to the right nutrition and exercise routines to get me back into running shape.

So I'm here to write about the reasons I should commit myself to this:
  • My daughter is only going to need more from me, physically. I need to keep up with her.
  • My daughter needs a good role model for her fitness.
  • I want to live long into my daughter's adult life and not be a burden on her.
  • I am sick of hating shopping for new clothes.
  • The self-confidence will help me at work.
  • It will burn off stress from work and home.
  • I was confident and content on a different level when I was at my most fit.
  • I know I can do it.
  • I want to appear more professional and disciplined.
I recently sat down and talked with some friends who have been steadily growing more involved with fitness over the years. I was inspired and jealous. And frustrated with my own recent lapses.

And by recent I mean last 12-18 months.

Of course, my lapse in writing is much more severe (though it doesn't count the same: I've been blogging steadily instead ... it's like lapsing on running but biking instead).


J said...

You can run a marathon within the next 4 years. Seriously.

Dave said...

Thanks J! I believe so too, but it's scary to actually say "I will."