Saturday, February 07, 2009

A moment of introspection

A few years back, while my wife and I discussed for the hundredth time whether we would have children or not, she said something to me which really reminded me why I fell in love with her. She told me we didn't need to have kids, but if we didn't, she didn't want to be living the same life in a decade that we were then. She was fine with giving up her dream of being a mother, if I would come forward with a much different dream to take its place.

In the end, we decided together that we wanted to be parents, wanted this life. I do not write this because I regret that choice.

But sometimes I wonder what very different life we would have come up with so that our lives in 2017 would be nothing like our life in 2007.

Late last week I stumbled upon the blog of someone who took an approach that called to me from across the "what if" chasm. She ditched a corporate life and is traveling the world as a freelance writer and consultant. You can read her most recent post here.

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