Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stalking my friends from high school

So I'm poking around a music forum today, and I notice a post about a site called Metal Archives. They said, if they don't have an entry, the band is either really obscure or isn't metal.


So a buddy of mine in high school was in a short-lived death metal band called Exhumed. What are the odds they have an entry? Pretty good. Not only that, I get the names of a few of the other bands my old no-longer-in-touch friend has been in since then. I follow the lines all the way to his myspace page (via his current band's).

Awesome world we live in. To be fair, we did touch base about 5 years ago, so I knew he was still playing music and all that.

Speaking of myspace ... is there like some rule that all myspace pages must look like someone ate an HTML dictionary and vomited it back up in random order? Goddamn.

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