Friday, February 03, 2006

Game on!

I haven't had the writing "bug" of late, and so I haven't really put anything down here in a little while. I apologize to my legions of fans.

It probably has something to do with work; my work of late has me doing a lot of painfully boring writing. I recently took a 71-page template and turned it into a 30-page spec, so I should probably get some kind of Editor of the Month award. No dice, I'm guessing.

So, not only has my blog been quiet, but I really haven't produced anything creative lately. I have several borrowed books with creative exercises to help get writing juices flowing, and they sit in a bookcase mocking me. I just haven't felt the itch, except in one area -- gaming. And for once, the gaming itch is being scratched.

That's right -- game ON. We're getting our pen-and-paper gaming group back together, dusting off our dice and pencils and making it happen.

It's as much fun as I remember :).

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